Wednesday 3 November 2010

Review: DRAGON SERIES by Allyson James

Dragon Heat by Allyson James
Book 1 of the Dragon series

Genre: adult urban fantasy

Lisa Singleton has an unusual roomate, a golden dragon, a sexy warrior who has been sent to earth to protect Lisa from harm. Lisa comes from a long line of very special women with very special powers. Witches, black dragons, and demons will do anything to get their hands on her magic and the secret the women of her family have protected through the centuries. First of a new paranormal romance series.
Source: Info in the above Synopsis was taken from on 17/10/10.

The Black Dragon by Allyson James
Book 2 of the Dragon series

Genre: adult urban fantasy

Saba has finally managed to put the black dragon Malcolm out of her mind and out of her life. But an assault by an evil white dragon in human form on a bay area train forces her to use the magic Dragon's Tears Malcolm left behind to call him for help. Malcolm is still as tall and darkly sensual as ever, and Saba fears falling for him again. But Malcolm has returned to the human world for Saba's help--his considerable powers are being drained and he needs Saba's special witch magic to save him.
Source: Info in the above Synopsis was taken from on 17/10/10.

The Dragon Master by Allyson James
Book 3 of the Dragon series

Genre: adult urban fantasy

Carol Juan doesn't really believe that her grandmother's friends are dragons, though she'll admit that Caleb and Malcolm are unusual. But when a Fire Dragon, a very rare creature who can not only take human form but turn himself into pure flame, seeks her out, she has to put her disbelief behind her. The arrogant and wild Seth teaches Carol not only about fire dragons, but about her own latent mage powers that pulled him instinctively to her. The secret of the Fire Dragon might help Carol win the day or be the means to her destruction.
Source: Info in the above Synopsis was taken from on 17/10/10.

FTC Declaration: These books were purchased with my personal money.

This is another retrospective review. I've read the Dragon series by Allyson James sometime ago and I'm  going to review these books together since they have similar traits. The main thing I like about these books is the author's "voice". Allyson James is a very good story teller. She is one of those rare ones who can weave a story around a reader's head and make a reader forget reality. Completely whisk you away to another world. She creates a world with such convincing authentic flare that suspension of disbelief is too easy. The magic system is believable. None of those, well it's like that because it's magic, no rhyme no reason. No, in the Dragon series the magic is like that because... it has a cause. A reason which is believable. I guess that is one of the reasons that her story telling quality is very very compelling because of the "convincing quality of her stories". I could go on and on and on about things I like about theses books but I'll let you find out for yourself instead...

The thing I hate most about this series is that it takes years... I mean YEARS! to wait for the next one!! Like book 3 was published in 2008, it's the end of 2010, when is book 4 coming out already?!

World building = 5
Story telling quality = 5
Character development = 4.5
Stories themselves = 4
Ending = 4.5
Plot = 4.5

This was a very entertaining read indeed! The movie did not do it any justice at all. The succedding books did not compare either.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 cherries

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