Monday 2 January 2012


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The end of 2011 is here and therefore the end of our All Things Dragons Challenge has come to pass. How did we do? Not bad... Nine books. That puts us smack in the "6-10 Books... I live for Dragons" range.

And now we start a new year and let's see if we can top last year's record or would we read even less? We'll find out...

However I think our All Things Dragons Challenge host, Meghan, has kinda lost interest... never mind... let's soldier on and have the Dragon Reads Challenge ourselves!

Challenge Icon:
I so like this tabasco advert that I think we'll have this for our challenge art! To reiterate, we'll keep track of all our reads that got anything to do with dragons in it for this year, 2012. And everytime you do a  review of such a book, give us the link to your review in the comments and include our little challenge icon below in your review post:

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0 dragon book read - Not Meant To Be In The Dragon Industry
1-5 dragon books read - Novice Dragoneer
6-10 dragon books read - Junior Apprentice Dragoneer
11-15 dragon books read - Journeyman
more than 15 dragon books - Dragon Master

*Number of books rating in the legend encompass the one year time span of 2012.

And by the end of this year, we'll see how we do...


  1. Magic Dreams by Ilona Andrews review:

  2. Shadowmagic Books 1 & 2 by John Lenahan review:

  3. Review: BONDS OF FIRE by Sophie Duncan at

  4. Review: FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan at

  5. Review: DRAGONSDAWN by Anne McCaffrey at